About Us

SGF Machinery Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. established in 2013 by two experienced production managers, operates in the metalworking manufacturing sector. Acting in accordance with principles such as customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and timely delivery, our company continually strives to progress in order to attain a strong position within the industry.

Initially commencing operations in 2013 with a CNC Lathe Machine within an area of 80 square meters, SGF MAKINA responded to increasing customer demands by relocating to a larger space of 250 square meters in 2015. Further expansion occurred in 2023, with the enlargement of our machinery inventory and operational area to 1200 square meters. Our firm aims to continuously improve and focus on quality by providing customers with high-quality and precise parts.

With a customer-centric approach and our expert team, we aim to promote collaboration and establish long-term relationships by offering tailored solutions to each customer. Firmly believing in the importance of preventive measures, our company continuously strives to prevent errors from occurring.

 SGF MAKINA is committed to providing quality service and reliable collaboration. With our customer-centric approach and technological infrastructure, we are always ready to meet customer expectations.